All your printed material, whether a smart business card, a well-designed flyer or leaflet in full colour, they should all create an excellent first impression.



  • Helps to sell your products and services – good marketing material makes selling much easier.
  • Gives an important professional look – otherwise your potential clients may go elsewhere!
  • If you give a poor first impression potential clients may not consider you again, if at all.
  • Be clear about what you offer – people expect good value nowadays, so it’s good to offer options.

What should your printed matter include?

Make sure all your marketing material has a consistent message and contact details. If you prefer a certain method of contact, make sure that is clear.


Leaflets and brochures – readers tend to scan material, so make your information is clear concise and easy to read. Unless the leaflet is information only, you will want potential clients to either look at your website or contact you, so make your call to action clear and don’t write too much. Make your message all about your client, giving the benefits of your produce or service not its features. Also what makes you different from your competitors?